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The Adaptation Fund NGO Network is a coalition of civil society organisations (CSOs) engaging in discussions and debates on the Adaptation Fund's policies and closely following the planning and implementation of the Fund's projects. The Network's aim is to support those most vulnerable to climate change and ensure their benefit from the Adaptation Fund. This is why it works on strengthening transparent and participative processes within the Fund. The Network aims to ensure the effective engagement of civil society not only at Fund level, but also at the local level, throughout project planning and implementation. Making the Adaptation Fund work for the most vulnerable communities will strongly rely on the input and engagement of global civil society. >>> more 'About us'


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On june 29, 2011 was launched the project "Addressing Climate Change Risks on Water Resources in Honduras; Increased Systemic Resilience and Reduced Vulner
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On 13th and 14th July, the Transitional Committee which is tasked to elaborate the modalities for the new Green Climate Fund is convening its 2nd meeting in Tok
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Last week the AFB met for its 14th meeting. It took some important decisions.
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On Sunday, 19th June, civil society observers to the Adaptation Fund Board met with more than ten Adaptation Fund Board members for an informal dialogue session
Newsletter May 2011
The newsletter No. 2 from May 2011 can be downloaded in Englisch, Spanish and French.
Making the AF work for the most vulnerable
Assessing Progress in the Adaptation Fund
This paper of Germanwatch, Bread for the World and Practical Action identifies entry points where the Board of the Fund must focus its attentions in order to ensure it meets its priority, and makes recommendations.
Newsletter December 2011
The Newsletter No.1 from December 2010 can be downloaded in English and Spanish.
Briefing Paper
Adaptation Fund under the KP
Mature for concrete implementation of projects and direct access
The briefing paper tries to supply the delegates from Least Developing Countries (LDC) with a clear view on the Adaptation Fund by explaining its key features and the processes how to best access the resources of the Fund.
AF in Copenhagen outcomes
This paper briefly outlines what happened in Copenhagen relevant to the Adaptation Fund (AF).
Discussion Paper
AF debate on post 2012 financial
A Copenhagen outcome should seek to strengthen the role of the Adaptation Fund, both through a strong and public support for the work of the AFB as well as a concrete amount of resources that would flow into the Fund as fast-track finance, but also through agreement on reliable finance mechanisms beyond 2013.

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