Regional Hubs

Several members of the Adaptation Fund NGO Network (AFN) have set up regional hubs in order to support civil society as well as government actors regarding all AF processes in their respective regions. The existing hubs are located in Honduras, Jamaica, Senegal, South Africa (to come in 2016), Tanzania and Cambodia, the coordination is in the hands of the AFN partners.

The hubs' objectives are to contribute to the visibility of the Adaptation Fund (AF) and the AFN as well as to promote direct access and project implementation for the benefits of the most vulnerable communities. Furthermore, they aim to advance the involvement and engagement of CSO actors in accompanying and monitoring adaptation projects in the regional in a critical and constructive manner.

The hubs themselves have several functions: First, they share knowledge, lessons learned and good practices from the AFN partners with other CSOs in the region. In addition, they provide space for exchange between different actors of civil society regarding stakeholder engagement, e.g. with governmental stakeholders and other development and climate actors. Information will be made available via newsletters, webinars, email stakeholder lists and online. Furthermore, the hubs serve as representative of the AFN and promote the network's activities. They provide technical and financial help to the members of the hub and help them contribute in the development process of national adaptation plans (NAPs) as well as project proposals for the AF and other related processes. Moreover, they encourage members to reflect and think around regional adaptation projects that might be interesting for donors (joint fundraising).

Adaptation Fund NGO Network annual strategy workshop (2018)

Adaptation Fund NGO Network annual strategy workshop (2018)

Left to right: Emmanuel Seck (Enda Energie), Nora Immink (intern), Yves Renard (Panos Caribbean), Patricia Velasco (FFLA), Julio Carcamo (Fundación Vida), Julia Grimm (Germanwatch), Mawusé Hountondji (JVE-Benin), Serge  Nsengimana (ACNR), Fazal Issa (ForumCC), Ehab Eid (JREDS), Farhan Syed (Develpment Alternatives), Elin Lorimer (Indigo), David Gorré (volunteer).